Important Features of Double-Sided and Dual-Sided Coffee Grinders

A double-sided grinder machine is a unique grinding device consisting of two rotating faces that rotate simultaneously and clockwise. This kind of face is usually not easy to replace, hence the recommendation that the owner replace only the spinning face. Although it can be used on any machines, it has the highest usage in coffee mills because of its ability to grind coffee beans with lower force than conventional ones. It is also widely used in espresso machines. There are several advantages of using this kind of grinder in coffee mills:

Doublesided Grinder

Efficiency – a two-sided grinder allows one to grind coffee beans evenly. Unlike the usual bean-only grinding device, this kind of grinding machine allows the user to get consistent results regardless of the type and amount of coffee powder used in the machine. This is achieved by allowing the two-sided grinding wheels to work in tandem with each other. When grinding small amounts of powder, it can take only few minutes for the two rotating faces of the machine to work together. On the other hand, when grinding larger quantities of coffee beans, two devices will be necessary to complete the task.

Ease of Use – a two-sided grinder has been designed to make it easier for users to use them. Unlike the traditional bean-and-bean grinding, the two-sided unit does not require too much physical effort to grind coffee beans. The rotation of the two grinding heads helps to distribute the heat uniformly throughout the surface area of the beans. As such, there will be lesser chances for the heating element to burn off the coffee oils inside the beans.

Robustness – even with low-powered motors, the operation of this kind of machine is still as robust as any other grinding machines in the market. It can grind about 400 pounds of coffee beans in just an hour. This is far more than the output of ordinary hand grinder. In addition, the burr milling capabilities of the machine are among the best and this enables to grind finer and thicker beans with ease. Furthermore, the noise level produced by the motor is almost negligible, which means that you will not be interrupted in your work while the machine is working.

Warranty – the warranty of the Double-sided Grinder range is also pretty good. Most units of this nature are sold with at least one year warranty period. It should be noted that the longer the warranty period is, the better the product quality and the longer you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of using the machine. However, some manufacturers offer additional warranty provisions to their clients if they find the product defective upon purchase. This will mean additional costs on the part of the buyer but it will ensure that you will get the benefit of extended repair or replacement warranty coverage. Thus, it all comes down to the buyer’s satisfaction.

Although most coffee grinders can be considered multifunctional, there are differences between two-sided and dual-sided grinders. Dual-sided machines are generally designed to replace burr grinder machines because of their enhanced performance capabilities. If you are considering purchasing a two-sided coffee grinder, it will be best to conduct extensive research regarding the various models available and compare features and price. By doing so, you will be able to find the perfect coffee grinder for your home or office.