Tips to Choosing a Ratchet Tip Dresser For Your Welding Needs

Tip Dresser

Tips to Choosing a Ratchet Tip Dresser For Your Welding Needs

Tip Dresser: A unique, practical and versatile tool for a variety of joint applications. Tip dressers are typically used to avoid shrinkage, increase time and temperature stability of electronic components during electrical & gas /fluid /electronic component welding applications, and to minimize the risk of joint separation and burns in various fluid bonded electronic components. Tip dressers use a floating platform that is supported by a series of rotating ball bearings. The floating ball bearings provide a friction-free and smooth ride, while allowing the dresser to stay stationary. Using the tip dew point and appropriate fluid flow rate allows the tip dew point to be precisely set for the proper heat environment.

Tuffaloy (Tuff-A-Box) Tip Dresser – “Tuff-A-Box” is the most unique and advance tip dresser we have ever produced. It is unlike any other tip dresser on the market. The “Tuff-A-Box” is revolutionary because it incorporates a metal forming “tuff” material into the metal surface of the weld puddle. The “tuff-A-Box” can control the hardness/softness of the weld puddle, so you never get stick welding situations where the filler metal will stick to the weld sheet.

Electrode Cap and Mask Welder – Electrode cap and mask welding is one of the most difficult task that a welder has to perform. It takes years of training and experience to master. You have to learn how to use these tools to create pieces of art. There are various shapes and sizes of electrodes to use. To weld aluminum electrodes you need various shapes and sizes of electrode dressers. Also different electrodes will require different sized masking rolls.

MIG, PTFE, Shielded Metal Electrode and Stick Welder – There are many types of welding and each one requires their own special supplier and gun. A MIG welder usually comes in a portable unit or a stand alone piece. A PTFE welder is typically mounted to a workbench while a shielded metal electrolyde and stick welders can easily be moved from one location to another.

High Quality Products Created by Using the Right Supplier – It takes a supplier with the right skill and knowledge to produce high quality products. Choosing the wrong provider can lead to a situation where you spend thousands of dollars for a piece of equipment only to find out that it does not work as well as you expected. The highest quality supply source should possess years of experience in both welding and supply creation. Suppliers should be able to demonstrate evidence that their products are of the highest quality possible. They should be willing to show clients the test results to prove that their machines and supply products are capable of producing the highest quality dressers.

Choosing a Ratchet Tip Dresser vs a MIG or PTFE Cutter – Choosing between a MIG and a PTFE will depend on the type of job you want the dresser to perform. A MIG cutter will generally be better for light-duty projects. A PTFE however, is designed more for heavy duty fabrication and bonding applications. The choice between a MIG or a PTFE cutter is also dependent on the amount of space you have available for a MIG or PTFE cutter to operate within.