Welding Portable Welding Machines For Easy Work

Portable spot welding machines are used for joining two pieces of metal by melting the joints between them. Through heating and pressurizing the welding spot, portable spot welding machine can weld multiple metal sheets instantly. The term portable in this welding technique refers to the area where the heat and pressure applied are applied.

The welding area is usually covered by an enclosure that has a cooling – electrodes, holders and arms are provided with water cooling arrangement. Welding is done in water-cooled tubes to avoid chemical reaction with welding material. The electrical control of this type of welding machine is similar to desktop welder except for its larger size and higher power output. Portable spot welding machine uses the latest techniques and equipment such as electric control with short range digital timer and sturdy solid state electronic timer controlled by PIC (packed array circuit interface) or USB interface. It provides users with the latest welding technology and ease of use for its user.

Portable welders are used for welding stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, mild steel etc. These metals require high strength for use in construction and/or repair. Portable welders are also used for welding aluminum alloy, magnesium alloys, copper and stainless steel etc. Portable welders are useful for working with many different kinds of alloys including zinc and platinum. Welding these metals involves application of appropriate chemicals for both the welding process and the shielding process. This article describes about the applications of the portable welding machine.

Cruxweld is one of the most popular brands of portable welders. They are available in different configurations and are suitable for all kinds of welding processes. Portable welders of Cruxweld manufacture the same quality welds as of the commercial equipment manufactured by other companies. Cruxweld portable welders contain dual chamber metallic structure for the purpose of arc welding and arc light. The most important thing of Cruxweld welding machine is the user-friendly interface and automatic control with PIC and USB interfaces. The light source can be dimmed, switched on or off according to the requirement and the welding process can be started without delay.

Another type spot welder is hand operated welding machine. This type is suitable for smaller shops, where there is less requirement for a large welding machine. Hand Operated welders are used for spot welding of thinner materials. This welding machine is more time consuming and consumes much energy. The most common welding technique used by hand operated welder is the wire feed process. This type of welding machine includes the two electrodes, which are placed into the hand-operated welding machine.

The third type is the pneumatic welding machine. It is used to weld larger welding parts and is widely used in the automotive and marine industry. This pneumatic welding machine is also called as the power metal cutter. The pneumatic welders include the tank, fan, electrode holder and cutter. These parts are fueled by an inert gas, which makes the welder capable to work in any type of atmosphere.