Tips on Keeping Moderate Prices for Your Electrode Dressers

In automatic tip dresser, a small robotic android device is mounted over the work area. The device is equipped with a fabric-coated steel frame. The robot is also programmed to automatically dress the electrodes in regular intervals, once every two hours.

Tip Dresser

When the robot comes to know about the number of electrodes that are present, it starts the motor and starts the process of tip dresser. The fabric-coated steel frame also known as electrode clamp contains flexible metallic threads that are used for holding the thin metal electrodes. It prevents the threads from sticking on the wires that run across it. When the clamp is released, it pulls down the top of the wire and the threads get stuck below the metallic frame.

Electric current is provided to the area above the clamp using a wiring loom. The process is then reversed to provide current to the servos and the robots. The only difference between normal and automatic tip dresser is the wiring and the fabric-coated frame. In the latter, the flexible metal threads are used for holding the electrodes instead of the clamp.

Using high quality electrodes manufactured by trusted manufacturers ensure the continuous striving of the tip dresser to achieve the highest quality products. Therefore, you need to ensure that the company or manufacturer uses high quality wire for manufacturing the dressers. You also need to ensure that the firm is capable of meeting the tight deadlines.

High quality work always commands high prices. Hence, you should only get a firm that provides high-quality dressers for consistently striving to deliver the best results. One of the ways to verify this is through the ability to offer an outstanding warranty on their workmanship. The firm should also have the ability to handle the high demands of the market in terms of orders. If a firm is unable to handle the increased work demands, it is not feasible for them to remain in business. Therefore, you should opt for only those companies that can consistently meet the demands of your industry.

The third important thing for you to consider when keeping moderate prices is the ability of the firm to customize the fabric and the frame as per your requirements. When you opt for customized dresses and other work, you are likely to save a lot of money on production costs. In addition to customized work, you are most likely to reduce the burden of keeping mild steel wire. Thus, you can effectively reduce your cost of production. All these factors can help you keep reasonable prices without compromising the high quality of your tip dresser and other industrial products.