Automatic Spot Welding Equipment – What Is An Electric Weld Puddle Welder?

Automatic spot welders are becoming increasingly popular with welding contractors and do it yourself shops. Because they are so versatile and easy to operate, they are ideal for doing both fine and larger jobs. Automatic welders are just one part of an integrated whole that includes spot heaters, welders, shielding gas, and plasma torches. You will need to decide which of these is most suitable for your needs before making a purchase. Here we will go over some of the more common types that welders use and their uses.

Most modern automatic spot welding equipment makes use of tumbling tumblers to perform the welding process. A tumbling tumbler is a piece that has a large metal surface on it, typically this surface is smooth, however it can also be rough, such as stone, tile or cement depending on the exact type of tumbler used and the needs of the job piece. The tumbling action will move the weld to the appropriate place on the work piece by grinding against the tumbling surface.

Tumbling electrodes are a vital part of many types of automatic spot welding equipment. These electrodes are either contained within the tumbling container itself or within an external reservoir such as a water tank. Often these electrodes will have different areas of concentration, so you will need to read the instructions that come with the tumbler to find out how much current should be on the welding electrodes when they are in use. This is important because you do not want to overheat the weld.

Flux cored electrodes are the next type of automatic spot welding equipment that you will need to know about. These electrodes have their own container or reservoir which usually contains a small amount of salt. When you place the flux cored electrodes on your work piece, they will create a magnetic field which makes the weld stronger as it moves through the material being welded. Two of the most common types of flux cored electrodes are steel ball and steel disc.

Last but not least you will need to understand tumbling or rotating tumblers. With tumbling tumblers the weld is turned as it goes through the tumbling process. The tumbling action actually causes the weld to be pushed through the material which is then allowed to cool. You may need to experiment to figure out how many degrees of tumbling are required for the weld to be strong enough. In most cases the higher the tumbling angle the better the weld will be.

Understanding the different parts of these tumbling electrodes is vital to your success as you shop for automatic spot welding equipment. Knowing how each part works and when it is needed can help you make the right choice when buying your equipment. Two types of electrodes are typically used in automatic weld puddle welder machines. These are the ferrous and the nonferrous styles.