The Suspended Spot Welding Gun and Its Importance

Suspended Spot Welding

The Suspended Spot Welding Gun and Its Importance

The Welding spot welder is becoming more popular in the welding industry. Because of this, many welding contractors are using the suspended spot welding method of welding instead of the traditional direct line welding. Why is it so popular? The answer is simple – the equipment is easier to control. With this method, you can adjust the plasma cutter to make the perfect weld every time. If you’ve never welded with this method before, this article will help you understand it better.

The Stand Welding Machine is simply an advance over the traditional direct line welding. With the Stand Welding Machine, you can complete the entire weld more quickly and with less effort. Also, with a suspended spot welding controller, the welder isn’t required to supply constant electric power; instead, the welding process is done automatically within the confines of an airtight vacuum chamber. A plasma cutter or torch is used in the chamber, and the arc is emitted through the welding chamber walls.

Most of the time, the stand welders are used for light metal arc welding, and they produce high quality welds. The problem occurs when the arc is emitted at an angle. When the torch and the arc are at an angle, a problem occurs called off-angle welds. This happens when the torch is moving at a high speed, and the arc produced is of low strength. Sometimes, only high quality welds are achieved but rarely.

The problem occurs because the high speed of the torch makes the rod tip rotate too fast. This produces inconsistent arc welding for the welder. If you have been using low quality welding torches, you would notice that this happens very seldom. It is very possible that the welder has a poor vision; the torch is moving too fast for him to see the welding area clearly. Sometimes, it’s difficult even to see the hole for the spool.

High quality welding equipment helps you achieve successful and consistent welds because it produces consistent welds up to 10 times stronger than average welds. It has better arc characteristics and it also has a much longer working life. One of the best features of this type of welding equipment is its self-cleaning feature. When it is in continuous operation, it automatically cleans itself. It cleans itself by dipping into a special pre-cleaning solution.

There are two types of weld puddle regulators: permanent and detachable. The suspended type is more reliable because it doesn’t require mechanical pressure to maintain a constant level of resistance. The permanent type does require mechanical pressure to maintain its position, but it also requires a power supply to operate. You can find other parts used in a high quality weld puddle regulator including an adjustable feeding rate. In order to enjoy consistent power, it is important that you use a welding process that assures consistent heat transfer and that uses a consistent welding arc.