What Is A Portable Welding Machine?

Portable Spot Welding Machines are now widely used to weld various types of metals at work places. Portable welding is one of the most commonly employed welding processes by welding experts. This process is mostly adopted for welding small as well as large pieces of metals like pipes, tubes, pipe fittings, automobile parts, bolts and nuts etc. This equipment helps in completing the task easily, economically and safely.

Portable Spot Welding

Through heating the welding joint and applying pressure onto the welding spot, portable spot welding guns are able to fuse multiple metal sheets permanently into the desired joints. Portable welders are used worldwide by welders and metal fabricators who want to complete their welding projects with ease and in shortest time. The term portable in this welding technique refers to the working area within the machine. Welding guns and welding equipment are the only things needed for performing this task. Welding spot coolers, electrodes and torch holders are some of the other things that are needed for the proper functioning of these machines.

There are two types of this equipment; the slimline spot welders. The difference between the two lies in the positioning of the nozzle and also the type of tip for welding at lower amperage. For the heavy duty work it is better to go for the slimline type as it can weld thicker materials. Portable resistance welders come with different options for feeding the material, including variable voltage feeders that can handle larger welding coils. The choice of feeders depends on the type of projects to be handled.

The other type of welding machine available is the one that uses steam for the process. For metals the process is known as the welding and also for the purpose of soldering lighter metals like aluminum and copper. It can weld aluminum alloys and metals of a higher alloy than iron. It has powerful steam for the process and is quite efficient in welding thicker metals and thicker gauge steel. Copper wire is another material that can easily be welded with this type of portable spot welding machine.

Portable welders with variable voltage feeders can also handle welding of aluminum and other light metals and can also weld steel. Portable resistance welders have the option of using both tig and flux cored electrodes. Tig welders are better in welds as they have better arc characteristics. The tig welder does not need to use as much energy for the same results. In a welder, less energy is required to weld thicker gauge metals and it is cheaper as well.

Portable welders are now used for spot welding on metal alloys and metals of a higher alloy than iron. These welders have variable voltage and can be used for mig welding and TIG welding. It has better heat expansion capability, makes a clean and smooth weld and also has the option of using both kva and tig flux. Portable welders come with good accessories like cover slips, rod holders and torch holders. Portable welders with tig and flux cored electrodes are easier to handle than those with the non-cored tig and flux electrodes.