How to Choose the Right Portable Welding Machine

Portable Spot Welding Machines have become quite popular nowadays. This is because these welders are really easy to use. Welding spot welders have the ability to join welding pools or hotplates and also offer you the ability to work over smaller or thicker projects. You will notice that welding spot welders are portable welding instruments that are used for both joining and fusing welding processes.

Portable Spot Welding

A welding machine that uses the concept of continuous feed welds by using a drum containing tungsten electrodes that is fed through a continuous feed from the weld head. Through heating up the welding spot and applying constant pressure to the welded area, portable welding machine is able to fuse multiple metal sheets permanently into sheets of thin metal. The word spot welder in this welding machine refers to the welded area where the heat and pressure are applied. The welding process makes use of electric current and creates a gas called oxidation. This is how the material becomes welded.

Portable welder uses a tungsten electrode in the rod to create the weld. These welds are performed on thinner metals such as mild steel. Although you will find that there are some differences in the welding process between the mild steel and other metals including stainless steel, this is where similarities end. Stainless steels require much stronger and heavier rod to get the same result as those made from mild steel. A portable spot welder is only useful for small projects and not suitable for welding thick steels.

When you purchase a welding machine, you must know what features you must look for in it. First thing you should consider is whether it uses constant current or pulse welding. This will determine the amount of power consumed by the machine. If you have a smaller workshop, then you can use a portable that has a lower output current. If you want to use a higher current welding machine, then you must go for a pulsed tig welder.

Other features to look at include the weld puddle volume, tube threading and electrode size. In the welding machine, there is a weld puddle volume that determines how much filler material will be fed into the weld puddle. The larger the puddle, the better the overall quality of the weld. There are also different electrode sizes to choose from. Some of them are long tube threads, standard tungsten electrodes and compact bimetal electrodes.

The final feature to consider when buying is the electrical power supply for the weld point and welding machine. The type of machine and welding method will determine the power requirements. You should buy a machine that is capable of supplying the required power. It is also important to choose the right voltage because this will affect the power consumption. Portable welding methods are popular for their ease of operation and flexibility.