Portable Welding Pen Machine

Portable Spot Welding Machines are generally small hand-held devices used for the joining of two metallic parts with the help of a flux cored needle or torch. The term portable in this welding technique refers to the central area where the heat and pressurized heating is carried out. Portable welders are available for use in different metals and for various welding requirements. These spot welders can be used for both TIG and MIG processes. In case of the TIG process, a tungsten electrode is used to generate the arc and it requires a welder with proper welding equipment for the same.

Portable Spot Welding

The major benefit of a portable welding machine is that it enables the user to work within his/her workshop easily without affecting the production efficiency of the company. Welding of both copper and stainless steel has become a very convenient process owing to the portability factor of these welding equipments. A portable welder similar to a welding station is available in the market with a maximum purchase price ranging from a few hundred dollars to even more than a thousand dollars depending upon the brand and type of portable welder purchased. Brand names like Wisco, Kangal, Diamond Plate, Elmer and JML are some of the leading manufacturers who produce outstanding welding products for industrial and commercial sector.

A lithium-ion battery powered portable welding machine is used in these welders for high quality welding requirements. The lithium-ion battery helps in charging up the machine for complete weld time, making it important for the users to maintain the device properly and not to let it down due to low power supply. A fully charged lithium-ion battery enables the user to complete the weld in a maximum time thereby saving precious time.

The welded jewelry maker should ensure that he or she gets the right welding machine from a reputed manufacturer. This is because some cheap brands have inferior welding products which do not ensure proper welding for all types of metals. Such brands use low voltage electrodes and shorter welding times and hence they are not capable of welding thick gauge materials like stainless steel. They also have poor electrode life and short life spans, which make them useless when it comes to welding thick gauges. It is therefore important to look into the specifications and features of the brand when buying a portable welding machine from a reputed manufacturer.

The user also has to choose a portable welding machine according to the type of metal being welded. Some of the types of metal welded include stainless steel, aluminum, brass, steel, titanium etc. There are several different ways to identify a good welding machine brand. A good brand uses higher quality electrodes and a pure Nickel-Zirconium coating to ensure longer life span of the machine and better weld quality. A good brand will also be able to weld any type of alloy without any problem irrespective of the welding process.

A good quality brand will also have stainless steel parts to ensure the durability of the welding pen machine. They will also have sturdy construction and high strength steel, so that the user need not worry about the machine breaking down while in use. Some manufacturers of portable welding pen machines will provide spare parts to their users at an extra cost but it would be advisable to check whether the company is reliable or not before buying the product. A good company would be able to provide a warranty on the product to ensure that the user does not face any problems due to manufacturing defects.