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15. To emerge as any policy to to be able to disclose my personal details to your third party including individuals, educational organizations, professors, and others.


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5 other children were taken from the Nuwaupian land that was called Tama-RE, Egipt among the West, without consent and data of their parents and given examinations by state agencies and not one pros were discovered to be abused, sexually, mentally, or physically.

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When interviewed, none belonging to the children gave any exact dates with the “molestations” that occurred. For example nothing about “I remember because tony horton created two days before my birthday.” They always gave very vague time frames, like guidelines and meal plans the summer of 1998 or features workout plans the fall of 1999, which doesn’t give a defendant anyway to prove he is not in said place at said working hours. Many of their testimonies contradicted each other about who had been present when what they saw was supposedly happening to the other. There were also no mentions or testimonies by any kind of the alleged victims any sort of abortions or anything about each time Dr. York changed the bedding or anything about plastic covers on bed linen.

Finally, many of us reached in the place where orphans in the old days live, so our eyes were not shutting to discover those children on earth like this. Remember one thing that when we talk about orphans or special children then can’t forget or neglect UNICEF (United Nation Children’s Fund). This organization has been helping these sorts of children okay since many. And we were at that place even though of UNICEF because the advertisement in our college was just because of UNICEF. And we all must thank to UNICEF.

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